New Talent Submissions


Thanks for your interest in joining the TG team!

Talent Group proudly represents more than 500 professional actors, spokespersons, models, voice-over artists and live performers of all ages for placement in commercials, industrials, voice-overs, commercial print assignments, trade shows and live promotions.

To be considered for representation, please follow the simple instructions below for submitting yourself or your child for representation with the agency. Thank you! 

STEP 1: General Advice

  1. DO NOT call the agency to ask what we do.  See “Our Story” or the “FAQs” for more information.

  2. DO NOT call the agency to ask how to get started in the business. We are not a school or training facility. You can find a lot of valuable information by searching: “Getting Started in the Acting Industry” or “Getting Started in the Modeling Industry.”

  3. DO NOT call the agency to ask how to submit yourself. Keep reading below and follow the instructions. 

  4. DO NOT stop by the agency to ask questions or drop off materials. You will be turned away at the door. The agency does NOT accept walk-ins under any circumstances.

STEP 2: Requirements

If you are submitting yourself or your child for representation as an actor, spokesperson, model or voice-over artist, these are the required promotional tools that you need before submitting yourself for representation:

  1. Actors & Spokespersons: You MUST have a professional headshot and resume to submit to us to be considered for representation as a TG actor or spokesperson.

  2. Models: You MUST have a professional composite to be considered for representation as a TG model.

  3. Voice-Over Artists: You MUST submit a professionally produced, 1-minute voice-over demo to be considered for representation as a voice-over artist on our roster.

  4. Young Children (1-4 years of age): For children under the age of 4 years, you MUST submit up to five high quality snapshots of your child.

  5. Children/Teens (4-18 years of age): If your child is older than 4 years, a professional composite or headshot is required in order to be competitive in the talent market.  Please submit a professional headshot and resume for consideration.

  6. SAG-AFTRA Affiliated Actors: You MUST be authorized as “Financial Core” status by the SAG/AFTRA union before we can consider you for representation.

STEP 3: How To Submit

There are two ways to submit your promotional materials:

1) Mail hard copies of your headshot/resume, composite, voice-over demo, children’s snapshots, or on-camera samples to:

Attn: New Talent
Talent Group, Inc.
4755 N. Hermitage Ave.
Chicago, IL  60640

Be sure to include:

  • A Cover Letter
  • Professional Headshot & Resume
  • Professional On-Camera Demo Reel (only if you have one)
  • Professional Voice-Over Demo (only if you are a VO talent)


2) You can e-mail your digital photos, resume, voice-over demo (MP3 file) or on-camera demo (MP4 file) to:

In the subject line, write: New Talent Submission

In the e-mail message, write a brief overview of what type of representation you are looking to achieve.

STEP 4: Review Process & Policy

Our experienced talent representatives will collectively review your submitted materials. If we think we can assist you, we will invite you to attend a scheduled Open Call audition in our studio.

Once the initial screening has been conducted, we will notify you whether we think we can effectively represent you for placement in the Chicago market.

Please Note:

  • If you do not hear from us within 45 days from the time you first submitted your information, we have chosen not to pursue a meeting with you at this time.

Thanks again for your interest in joining the TG talent pool.  

We look forward to receiving your submittal.                                                                                                                  

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